Data Services

This page is under development. In the future it will provide information on accessing and using MSU wayfinding web services that can be integrated into your own web sites and applications. These web services will include campus routing, construction detours, entrance accessibility, campus photos, and general campus infrastructure information. For questions please email us at

Public Services

MSU hosts a variety of public facing data services by leveraging the ArcGIS Server REST API. Resources and operations exposed by the REST API are accessible through a hierarchy of endpoints or Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) for each GIS service published with ArcGIS Server.

By using this API, end-users can consume geospatial services in a variety of ways, for example using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. In addition, individual resources can be consumed or downloaded by passing a layers url and specifying the output format.

Please visit Spatial Data Management rest API by visiting one of the below items: